Blocks is an application derived from a visual research into the possibilities of using Unity for making a VJ tool. It combines the cubic skybox type system that derives from Unity with a midi controlled interface derived from vj practise. The idea is that midi controls can be used to change the skybox to different textures and to rotate a camera, situated in the absolute 0 point of this skybox system, on it’s X, Y and Z axis (I call this type of navigation whitin a interchangeable skybox, radical navigation). Also a the speed of the camera movement and the depth of view can be altered for dramatic purposes. All these properties result in a multi controllable vj system that outputs a visually pleasing image. The sky- box textures that are inputted in this system consist of a single texture that is repeated for each of the six faces of a cube-map texture mapping. The texture consist of randomly generated and placed colour blocks based on the colours and lay out of CRT test signals. The final output of the vj system is displayed on a set of 4 CRT cubes inside of their flight-case, together with a midi con- troller. This setup closes the circle of this vj system’s visual qualities being inspired by CRT.